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Konnichiwa everyone~
Thank you for stopping by my profile

I made this account specifically for cosplaying(idea's,personal progress, cosplay exchange, and overall to meet fellow cosplayers)
So if you're interested with cosplaying, we should totally be FRIENDS :3
But I'm not biased and I'm open to anything.
So cosplay or not, I would still love to be friends with you (so chummy)

Little self introduction:
My name is ChiisaiKai. Obviously not my real name
Christ Jesus my sweet sanity (Non Denominational)
Forever a Tsundere at heart
Disney lover till death do us part
Currently reside in Las Vegas,NV.
Originally from Kauai,Hi

My hobbies&Interest are very simple, and typical
~Video games
~Cosplay Amateur
~kpop/jpop/music in general
~Culture exchange
~I love my dog!
~Anything and everything Japanese!
(If you're curious to know specifically what I'm interested in. Please do not hesitate to ask)

Welp, this is it for now!
Sayonara everyone~
Sorry I haven't been so active on here.
Kind of went through a dry spell/unmotivated with everything. 
But today I'm feeling much better :D

So today I'll just be talking about my blackfire cosplay I worked on for the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con(June 21,15).
"Hence" worked, this con has already passed QAQ 
So again I'm so sorry for not keeping up with my updates

Anyways, where to start >< 
I guess I'll talk a little about the convention
This is my first year at alvcc. REALLY REALLY an awesome con. 
There were sooo many booths, artistic, celebrities, etc compared to Wizard world.
In my opinion, ALVCC is alot better. 
The surrounding seemed much happier and the con goers seemed so chill!

My honest highlights:
-Having little children ask for my picture. Their reactions were soooo ADORABLE! They legit made me feel like blackfire!
Especially this little girl we ran into after the con >< My friends and I were walking around town square and all I hear was "LOOOK!! IT'S BLACKFIRE!" 
-Meeting Chuck Huber (CHILDHOOD FEELS) he's the voice of Hiei from Yuyu Hakusho
-Meeting George Perez and getting a picture drawn of the OG design of blackfire(ARIGATOU RANANA!) 
-Finally getting a picture with "LokiHatesU" breh.... I literally died! or wanted to at least. HE COMPLIMENTED MY  COSPLAY *DIES* 
-Having these local cosplayers ask to join their "teen titans" cosplay plans
-Beating "thugdere" at our con bet. (basically tag in cosplay XD) 
-Spending time with my friends :3 
-And generally people's reactions. It really made me happy hearing people compliment me. This is seriously my third cosplay and it just made me so happy 

And I guess now I should talk about my cosplay and how I made it o-o 
This cosplay is pretty straight forward. I did alot of research and I also watched this tutorial on youtube with this chick who made a starfire cosplay. 
Their outfits are both the same so i figured why not 
Here are the links I used:

Received 10153090084314983 by ChiisaiKai
I basically ordered a bodysuit off of ebay(yeeh I cheated) but I figured why not since I have no idea how to sew a bodysuit. Plus honestly... I think it would be expensive to buy fabric.. so maybe next time 

Untitled by ChiisaiKai
I'm pretty petite and normal  clothing sizes don't fit me tightly. So I needed to alter the bodysuit to fit me properly.
Very easy!

Later I added the black detailed lines from her outfit with Black fabric paint. 
I did a pretty crap job on this a few times.... but yeah still works XD 
Untitled by ChiisaiKai

Untitled by ChiisaiKai
Next I worked on backfire's boots. I basically used my mom's old work shoes. Which worked out great because of the platform and height! I didn't take a before picture of how  the shoes looked like. But its black o-o and I just spray painted the black parts silver(obviously) 

UUUUUUUUUUGH! I realized I didnt take alot of pictures making this cosplay -_____- 
But next I followed the boots video from the link I posted above. 

Side note----Materials used 
-Purple spandex
-Silver spandex
-Fleece fabric(I used an a blue fleece blanket I never used in awhile)
And let me tell you that process sucked like hell! 
I bled a couple times and pricked myself in the legs with pins YAY! 
Um but I outlined my leg with a pen and sewed the pieces together.
Than later I used E6000 to glue the fabric to the shoe and wabam!

Untitled by ChiisaiKai

Untitled by ChiisaiKai
In this pic you kind of could see under the silver spandex these elastic bands :o I did this because I knew it would slip ontop of the bodysuit giving it a more tight looking feature. 

Untitled by ChiisaiKai

Next I worked on her neck armor. Again for better instructions please watch the videos above.
Materials Used:
-6mm Craft foam
-Sliver Spandex

Untitled by ChiisaiKai
Here I outlined the craft foam for the shape needed. 

Untitled by ChiisaiKai
I know in the video she didnt use a zipper. Well I did! and it helps! 

Untitled by ChiisaiKai

Next I worked on the gems for her neck piece and bracers. 
I used Epoxy Resin Casting from hobby lobby. 
The mold I used was actually from a paint tray o-o dont recommend it unless you have casting release.
Oh and also patience to crack the resin out once fully cured. 
But I basically just pop it into the ice box and used hot water(just a little side note)

Untitled by ChiisaiKai

Untitled by ChiisaiKai
The small pieces looks like crap in this pic. But I trimmed the sides 

Untitled by ChiisaiKai
Here's the completed look for the gems. I basically followed the video from above. 
Cut out craft foam sheets into a bigger shape and covered them with spandex. 

Untitled by ChiisaiKai
Here are the bracers I made for blackfire. 
This is slightly different from the video's above. I basically sandwiched the top layer(smaller layer) with spandex and fleece to add a popping effect. And the bottom layer is just spandex.  
I also used e6000 to glue the gems onto the bracers

Untitled by ChiisaiKai

Untitled by ChiisaiKaiUntitled by ChiisaiKai
Here is blackfire's top and skirt! 
Basically purple spandex. 
I used a sports bra and a pencil skirt I had at home as a pattern.
For her belt I sandwiched sliver spandex and fleece again to add the popping effect.
And her belt buckle the bigger layer is craft foam. And for the rounder part I used airdry clay you could find at walmart. 
Molded that into a rounder shape,let that dry and covered it with spandex.
I glued everything together with e6000 again.  

Untitled by ChiisaiKai
(look at this beautiful counter space!) 

Sorry this seriously dragged on......... 
But here are additional pictures from the con :D 
So this is it for now! Oyasumi! 

Received 10153090083904983 by ChiisaiKai
(stolen from facebook. I cant remember the name of the page. so I don't own this picture o-o)

Received 10153090084254983 by ChiisaiKai

Received 10153090081984983 by ChiisaiKai
R2 Sempai <3

Img 20150621 231913 by ChiisaiKai
George Perez and Blackfire. He's such a sweetheart!! I love his hugs too 

Untitled by ChiisaiKai

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